Witchy Wednesday–Writing Spells

On Monday, I mentioned a teaser about how my mother and I were going to do a spell for weight loss.

Well, we did, and he’s how it went:

Yesterday was a full moon, which is super auspicious for any sort of magickal working. But since the period following a full moon is the waning to new phase, it’s especially good for banishing or diminishing spells–Pushing things away from you. 

Now, I recently had a tantrum on Facebook about how overweight I am and how fed I am with it. It’s amazing how much of my self-esteem is wrapped up in my Renaissance Faire outfit, lol. Anyway, I have about a hundred lbs to lose. I’m officially down five. It’s not much, but it took 6 months to get here because my thyroid is a joke.

H’anyway. This week’s Witchy Wednesday is about writing spells.

There are a number of components that go into making spells. Not all are necessary, but they each add a little bit more power.



This is the basis of any spell. You need to be able to pour your will into the working. If your will isn’t strong enough, you probably shouldn’t be doing a spell. However, if you’re not good at channelling your energy, the other things can help.



Sometimes you need to pack a powerful punch and you’re just not enough on your own. This is different than a group spell. Invocation means asking for help from Outside: Gods, spirits, fey, dragons, ancestors, etc. Be careful when inviting outside influences, however. They may not agree to help, and may actually disagree with what you’re doing and actually hinder you. They might even ask for something in exchange, and you need to be prepared for that.



This is any material item you use in the course of your spellwork. Crystals, oils, herbs, candles, etc. Anything physical that lends its properties to the power of the intent. This also includes tools, like wands, chalices, and tarot cards.



For one-off cleansing or positive outcome spells, the new moon or the full moon are usually the most potent. However, some spells are used for more long-term results. To bring things to you (money, love, healthy), cast when the moon is waxing. To push things away (disease, bad relationships, writer’s block), cast while the moon is waning. (There are most astrological things (cast when the moon is in cancer or libra or whatever), but I don’t understand those things.  I just know they exist.)



Some spells are more effective if you’re in a certain area. Crossroads and cemeteries are the classic ones, but some might ask you to submerge yourself in water, or stand on top of a hill or sit under a tree. There are even said to be enhanced energies at specific geographical locations, like ley lines or stone circles.



These are physical things that you do. There are specific hand positions that some Easter philosophies employ (technically, yoga is a form of spiritual practice, not just exercise). You can do the whole thing standing, or dancing. Carving runes counts as well, as does which direction you stir a pot (deosil or clockwise for drawing, widdershins or anticlockwise for repelling).



Some spells have spoken or written components. You don’t need them, and they don’t need to rhyme. I mean, if you want them to, the added effort will build energy, but it’s not strictly necessary.


Each of these components helps to solidify your focus and add an extra punch to the whole thing.


Now, the spell I did with my mother involved:

1 green ‘fertility’ candle (those human-shaped candles you get from metaphysical bookstores. Also available online) shaped like a woman, obviously

Star anise essential oil

quartz crystal chips

my boline (my mother used my Swiss Army Knife)

paper and pen

You take your candle and your knife and (carefully) shave away the wax until the figure is noticeably thinner. Most of those candles aren’t actually overweight (if a bit stylised) so you’ll technically be making them unhealthily thin. But the point is reduction.


Miss Girl has a lot to lose

Next, you can carve a rune into them if you want, but I made a sigil (I’ll have a tutorial on sigilcraft later) and carved that into her belly. Then I melted down a bit of wax and stuck a quartz crystal chip in there to amplify the power. Lastly, I dripped star anise essential oil on the parts I need to reduce, and rubbed it in. Then I charged the candle with my intent, and it was ready to use.



Yesterday was Cardio Day, so I lit the candle and fired up the WiiFit and gave it all I had.


Did it work? I don’t know. Only time will tell. I can say that yesterday I weighed less than I have since February, and I’m down another pound today. But my metabolism is a joke (seriously, I think my thyroid is just laughing at me), so I expect it’ll rocket back up any day. But weight loss is a marathon, not a sprint, so we soldier on anyway.


In other news, yesterday was the launch party for my friend Jacob Devlin‘s first novel, The Carver. It’s available on Amazon.


I also have started a WordPress blog for my nom de plume (not my Omnomnom de plume. You guys are still #1), so I may be a bit quiet on this blog. I don’t think I can devote myself full time to blogging and Twitter, and Facebook, and actually writing the damn thing, lol. But I promise I will try.


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