Just Me Mondays–The Carver and Social Media

I’m a little distracted today, try to keep up with me. It’s only 2 and so much has happened.

One of my very good friends, Jacob Devlin, is having his book, The Carver, published officially tomorrow, and I got my advance copy today!


Shameless plug time! If you’re a fan of fairytale retellings and/or Once Upon A Time, you will LOVE this Young Adult adventure. It’s the story of three storybook friends who escape the magical kingdom to the real world, where they grow up, have families, and live normal lives. Until dark forces in the kingdom call them back. It has adventure, romance, mystery, jousting, and a road trip with Peter Pan!

Officially released tomorrow, but you can still buy it now.

I was one of Jacob’s critique partners on Scribophile, and holding it in my hands makes me as proud as if it were a nibling! I’m a book aunty!

A few days ago, I put out a call for beta readers for my novel, Magic Beans. I am almost finished with the reduction, and finally finished compiling all of the critiques on Scrib. So I’m getting together a team of cold readers to give me an idea of how my book will play. Since the wheels are rolling, I asked Jacob for advice on publishing. He got his publisher, Blaze Publishing, through a Pitch Madness event on Twitter. He said, in fact, that you have a better chance of getting a publisher if you have a blog. Apparently, publishers will turn down loads of good manuscripts if the author doesn’t have much of an internet presence.

I…am not good at social media, so I’ve been putting off joining Twitter or rejoining Tumblr, but I really want to get published, so I’m doing it.


The link to my Twitter is on the About page.

Follow me on Tumblr

In other news, I BEAT MY WORDCOUNT GOAL for Camp NaNo!


Gawd, that project was a slog. It was a good premise, but once I put the outline down on paper, I completely lost interest. I buried myself in my edits and it was such a struggle maintaining focus. But it’s done today, and I am free to read Jacob’s book, edit, and update my blogs and Twitter to my heart’s content. 


I also finally cracked a coded piece of art a friend made for me MONTHS ago. (I’m an awful friend, I know *agony*) Now, I have to send him something artsy. I have to decide whether to sculpt something, write a short story or a poem, or something else entirely. Gotta do it quick, too. Too many options and not enough ideas, ykwim.

I also did an ogham reading that I’ve been dreading. It was in exchange for a reading I got that was SUPER positive about my book!


Remember that tomorrow is a full moon. My mum and I are doing a spell for weight loss (details on Witchy Wednesday, hopefully), so be sure to check on Wednesday.

Later today, hopefully, we’re going to go to our local shop and get some stones and candles and pretties, I have fun things coming in the post, including a unicorn selenite wand and an Athos mug to inspire me, alongside my Sulat corner.


So that’s what’s new in my life. I really feel like even though nothing has changed really, I feel like it’s about to, and that’s exciting!


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