Welcome to Om Nom Nom de Plume

Well, who did you piss off to end up on my blog? Or were you super bored?

No matter, I’m happy to have you. Welcome to my virtual home!

Now, to get a confession off my chest: I’m not great at blogging. But I’m trying to get better. Third time’s the charm, right?

Let me introduce myself.  My name is Diana, I’m a Guatemalan – American living in southern California. (Yes, it is very hot here. No, I’m not near the beach. Or the mountains.  Or any other part of California you’ve heard is nice.) I’ve been a practicing Celtic Reconstructionist for many years and a practicing witch for even longer. I’m a writer and a foodie. (So now you know where the name of my blog comes from.) But also a scientist. I have an Associates of Arts in Anthropology from my local community college,  and  Bachelors of Science in Archaeology from Cardiff University. I used to have a Etsy store where I made and sold crafts and natural cosmetics, but I’m trying to focus on my writing right now. I love cats, tea, rainy days, and fairytales.

Some days I wear a tiara, and on those days, shit gets done.

So welcome to my blog. My plan for this places is to post hopefully interesting stories about witchcraft and religion, food, writing, crafts,  skincare, and my many trials and tribulations.  It’s ok to laugh at my struggles. I do too, sometimes. But do let me know if there’s a topic you’d like me to research or talk about, and let me know if you’re enjoying my rambling rants and musings.

Come in,  have a seat. The kettle’s just boiled.
(Photo credit: Steve Atkins Photography)


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